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Newsletter nr. 2

Newsletter nr. 2 Tuesday the 7th of August


Due to an unfortunate VISA delay, our journey started not in California but in Italy, Firenze. Here we attended a conference on the Future of Education and met with the head of Arts and Humanities from the Higher Education Academy, Grahame Bilbow. He turned out to be a very interesting person that you will get to met later in our film documentary project. As you can see from the pictures taken from our little studio apartment, we finally made it to Berkeley, California.

Ever since we arrived luck has been smiling at us. The first person we meet on Berkeley campus was exactly the man that I have been trying to reach, the grand legend philosopher, Hubert Dreyfus. A man that is known for his passionate take on existentialism, Heidegger, Kierkegaard and has a profound insight into the field of documentaries along with being one of the first critics on the subject of the Internet. He is currently active with his New York Times Bestseller: ”All Things Shining”. A book about the things that we have forgotten in our secular and technologically fixated time. From the book:

“THE WORLD DOESN’T MATTER to us the way it used to. The intense and meaningful lives of Homer’s Greeks, and the grand hierarchy of meaning that structured Dante’s medieval Christian world, both stand in stark contrast to our secular age. The world used to be, in its various forms, a world of sacred, shining things. The shining things now seem far away. This book is intended to bring them close once more.”

The book is not an old mans sentimental view on the life that ones was, but insights coming from philosopher of great experience. Dreyfus have agreed to become my supervisor during my time at UC Berkeley and to become part of the documentary, so you will get to meet him in person later.

As you can see, our road trip has finally taken off and to a good start. In the following 4 months we will hopefully meet with many more critical philosophers, scientists and young people in our quest of exploring not only new forms of collaboration, but also the benefits and downfalls of using the Internet as a platform for creating knowledge. If you know of someone that we would find interesting to talk to or meet up with on out trip: Berkeley – San Francisco – Silicon Valley, then please let us know.

Currently we are also working on establishing the first Network Society conference ”Knowledge in Networks”. The conference will be held the 12.12.12. We will come back to this in the next newsletter, but for those who can’t wait please see for more details.

Last but not least we wish you all a great summer and if anyone is in the area, you are more then welcome to visit us here on Panoramic way in Berkeley.

Best Regards

Allan Alfred

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