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— Whys is “On the Edge of Collaborative Science” important?

“More than ever, we need widespread and understandable critical inquiry into the many ways that digital media are affecting our lives. I’ve participated in hundreds of video and film interviews and my time with Katja and Alfred is memorable for their deep knowledge, critical thinking, and ideals. Their documentary film project is well worth supporting.” – Howard Rheingold


“Collaboration lies at the heart of many discoveries and inventions. The Internet has become an increasingly useful tool that facilitates the discovery of people with common interests and a medium through which collaboration can be executed. This documentary illustrates in a powerful way the core importance of collaborative work in a complex world.”  – Vint Cerf


“Solving humanity’s greatest challenges rests upon moving to a model of collaborative science” – Maneesh Juneja


“By sheer coincidence, I met Alfred while I was reading “What Computers Still Can’t Do”–written by Hubert Dreyfus, Alfred’s very scholarly host at UC Berkeley. From the start we were off comparing perspectives, sharing stories, and introducing each other to writers and thinkers we follow. It was a privilege to participate in such a thoughtful foray, a peek at the world–connected, virtual, physical–and how we learn (and have learned) to work together, including through the bay area–a unique but microcosmic place.” – Matt Senate

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