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Are you game?

You are properly here because you are wondering what a network society is and how it works? What drives the creation of networks and the sharing of knowledge through the social media? And why networks suddenly seem like the most important factor in society? If so them you are here for the same reason we are.

Maybe you even acknowledged that new insights and innovations never seem to spring from closed circles or isolated systems and that solving the complex issues of today needs a cross disciplinary approach. Then it comes as no surprise to you that this website aims at facilitating a cross disciplinary network of members, hoping to gain an insight into how new social media technology and cross-disciplinary networks can and are contributing to new experimental and innovative forms of learning and knowledge creation.

Do you ever wonder if you use the net or the net uses you? Are you aware of how you spend your time and attention using these new tools? and how do we manage and filtrate the overload of information and complexity we are facing today?

These are all questions that I have experimented with through my previous work, as a entrepreneur and founder of a company called Kollaboration (collaboration), a web community called WeCollaborate and through my philosophical education in Copenhagen. Now the time has come for me to dig even deeper as I explore this field with you, on this website and through the Ph. D. that I am working on called ”The DNA of our Network Society”.  And by the way Thank You Novozymes and the department of Philosophy and Science at Roskilde University for daring to acknowledge the need for new methods and research on how to create cross disciplinary learning environments and cultures.

Now lets start the journey…

  • Are you wondering who the members of this network are?
  • Do  you want to know more about hacking the systems to create innovation using new technology? 
  • Are you eager to explore the diversity of radical webbased bioinnovation?

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