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Newsletter nr. 1

We are happy to welcome you on board!
This is first newsletter from

We have been working on this project for just over a month now, so we are still in the early research phase.
Some of the interesting things we have come across during the last month are examples of how radical and collaborative innovation, facilitated through social media technologies are changing the game and rules of science. A great example of this is Fold it, a puzzle game facilitating mass solving of real science problems! Birger L. Møller and Nanna Heinz wrote a fascinating article about this new field which you can read here!
We are also happy to have met so many new people this month and glad that they are joining the network, if you want to see who they are then click here!
As many off you already know we have been collecting quotes to get a feel of each of our approaches towards social media and new technologies, the quotes are all features at the bottom of the website Network Society!
As a sneak peak we bring you one of the quotes from Christan Have:

“The great challenge in today’s world of new media is to figure out how to communicate and collaborate in a meaningful way, and in a way that has a high level of innovation and creative output. The media and technologies that we see to day – and the ones we will see in the near future – all have a high speed and fragmented structure in common, We have to learn how to collaborate and structure ourselves in a way that releases the high potential of these media characteristics.”

We are still eager to get more quotes if you are in possession of a good one:)
We are still looking for articles, cases and theorists that could be relevant to the project, so please let us know if you can think of any!
Only a few days ago we finished the first little video teaser for our research journey, see it below..

Best regards

Allan Alfred & Katja Gry

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