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Newsletter nr. 3


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Newsletter nr. 3 – January 13th, 2013

Dear Members of Network Society!

We know we have not written in a while, but we have been keeping busy!

Coming into the 2013 has been like landing a rocket.

We now returned from Berkeley after 4 great months with interviews and filming and are now back in Copenhagen, DK.

Here we just launched the first WeCollaborate conference on Dec. 12th (A little film came out of it which will be out by the end of next week on and most excitingly, we landed the trailer for the documentary!

(Click on the picture below to see it or on this link)

Looking though all the footage and creating the manuscript for the final documentary, has once again reminded us how vital and powerful the knowledge we gained on our journey is. We are very exited about being able to pass these findings forward though the final documentary. It can potentially be a knowledge gift or tool box for those who want to create new learning and innovation environments, along with new business models that take collaboration seriously.

But the reality is, that we are now faced with the next big step: Finding final funds for the postproduction team and the sound and music composer. Without those we cannot finish the documentary. If you have the time and resources, we would be very grateful for your help.

Here is how you can help:

As part of the research and to stay true to the collaborative philosophy of this whole project, we have decided to team up with Indiegogo and create a crowdfunding campaign, where the funds will go exclusively to the post-production team; Bright Beetle and the sound composer Rune Thorsteinsson.

Here is what you can do:

1. Support the project! For fx. 25 dollar you can be invited to an exclusive viewing of the final documentary and meet the network and team behind it. We promise to serve a glass of good wine:)

See more support options here:

2. Share this campaign with those who you think might be interested!

You can fx. copy/paste this message on your facebook page, twitter or blog:

Help Katja and Alfred crowdfund their documentary which is aimed at empowering and supporting collaborative science

3. You are also welcome to share the campaign link with those you think who might have an interest in supporting this project.

We will be grateful for any help you can provide!

Upcoming events:

February: We are becoming parents for the first time, hoping to greet the arrival of our baby girl.

March: Alfred will start mentoring students at Roskilde University.

Fall 2013: Hopefully, with you help- we will be launching the finished documentary.

You can follow the progress of the campaign on facebook and on

To a fantastic 2013,

Katja & Allan Alfred


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